Testimonial video for Peter Nixon

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The clients who appeared in the video, have already been through the garden making process with Peter Nixon.

testimonial 1

To my amazement, the outside of our home transformed from hard-packed building site to tropical paradise in the course of a few months. Peter's choices have given us the most soul-satisfying garden I could imagine.

Heather Bolstler, Michells Island (near Taree)

testimonial 2

"Now that plants have grown and fleshed out, it's looking just how you described it to me in the brief and how I imagined it, only more so!

I thought the budget was a bit gulp-making - but compared to a house renovation the cost was extremely reasonable and the process brief and painless.

As well as the overall design, you suggested plants I would never have thought of - and wouldn't have been able to get my hands on even if I had.

Should my circumstances change and I have to sell the house, I'm sure the garden would return much more than what I paid for it in the value it adds to the home.

But outweighing that, the garden is balm for the eyes and the soul. Gardening used to be a bit of chore; now I feel I'm burnishing a masterpiece!"

Hillary Parker, Camperdown, 18 months later

testimonial 3

"... your niche is in knowing what will thrive in a garden (rather than struggle) Hence what people pay for your advice they will more than save on buying plants that look awful because they are having to struggle. That is a reason to use a designer."

"In the end it comes down to the value you put on a garden. And how would you measure that value. What are you prepared to go without to have the garden of your dreams."

Elizabeth Young - Wollstoncraft

testimonial 4

We wanted more than the usual paved courtyard garden and we interviewed several landscape designers before selecting Peter. He clearly has a profound knowledge and love of plants and as a consequence, he was able to provide us with the plant oriented garden design that we wanted. The look & feel - We love it and so do our guests; almost everyone who comes to our house remarks on our garden. We spend a lot of time there both day and evening, and it really is a relaxing oasis.

David Rothery and Evelyn Willard, Neutral Bay

testimonial 5

I am very happy to vouch for Peter Nixon's professionalism, ease-to-work with and generosity of sharing your knowledge.

Merran Cooper, Mona Vale

testimonial 6

Peter has continued to be diligent in monitoring and maintaining his design and after several years of home renovation I am very pleased to have found a professional who really knows his jobs, values his client and can be depended on and trusted.

Judy Scott, Gordon

testimonial 7

The garden is a balm for the eyes and the soul. Gardening used to be a bit of chore; now I feel I'm burnishing a masterpiece!

Hilary Parker, Camperdown

testimonial 8

All our family now enjoy sitting outside in two very different settings. Our front garden is wonderful as an entertaining area full of colour and as things grow, protection from the harsh sunshine. Our back garden has become a lovely peaceful oasis from the busy lives we lead.

Leora Ross, Dover Heights

testimonial 9

The only person who had the courage, plant knowledge and vision was Peter Nixon, whose incredible plant knowledge and patience allowed him to tackle the problems of sandy soil, salt and strong winds and create a vision of beauty and peace, with touches of humour, to enchant the viewer from all angles. His knowledge of unusual plant material and his belief in his own skills combined with a sense of humour make him, and his work, a delight.

Sancha Dickson, Darling Point

testimonial 10

At each stage of the process from project design and administration through to on-ongoing maintenance Peter Nixon brought enormous professionalism.

Greg Whittred, Clifton Gardens